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Types of pies!!

We're doing homemade pies! Please give me some ideas!
So far we have:

Re: Types of pies!!

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    Cherry!!!!!!!!!! Then again I'm kind of a cherry freak. lol

    If you're having the pies indoors, how about lemon meringue, coconut cream, banana cream, or chocolate pudding pies as other ideas?

    The options are really endless. Think of what your, FI, families favorite pies?flavors are and go from there. Hope these ideas help. 
    A website that could possibly help you out on ideas but especially if you need a recipe for a pie is In the search box type in fruit pies and literally hundreds of recipes come up. I've used a number of recipes off of that site. Have fun planning!!!!
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    Oh CHERRY! That's like my fav and I totally forgot! lol thanks :-) and yeah I asked the fam and get no "its your day do what you want" OK well I'm trying to please everyone--don't want to be the bridezilla that does everything bc I want it! If it was my choice, I'd have freaking popsicles!!
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    Chocolate pecan!

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    Strawberry Rhubarb, My fav. pie is peach! Custard(or milk pie) pie, coconut cream pie. I am sure I will think of more later.
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    Rhubarb, banana cream pie, chocolate silk

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    Speaking as a mad pie baker, the best pies are the ones using in season fruit.

    a listing

    Angel Pie (Watch Refrigeration issues)
    Apple Crumb
    Banana Cream (watch refrigeration issues)
    Cheddar Pear (watch refrigeration issues)
    Chocolate Chip 
    Chocolate Cream (watch refrigeration issues)
    Cranberry Pear
    Custard Pie (watch refrigeration issues)
    French Silk (watch refrigeration issues)
    Key Lime (watch refrigeration issues)
    Lemon Meringue (watch refrigeration issues)
    Pumpkin Chiffon (watch refrigeration issues)
    Rhubarb custard (watch refrigeration issues)
    Spice Pie (watch refrigeration issues)
    Strawberry Rhubarb
    Turtle Pie (watch refrigeration issues)

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    Thanks!! You're awsome :-)
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    I was just gonna say French silk but I think Magdala has it covered pretty well!
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    Oh wow Magdala, my mouth is watering now!  I might have to go home and do some baking tonight :)  I was going to vote for chocolate pie but now I'm thinking about finding a recipe for cheddar pear or turtle pie.  FI would be so impressed :)
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    I think almost everything is covered but I also LOVE Chess pie!!! If you havnet had it is kinda like a custard pie...reallly reallly good and it gives you another pie option for people who don't love fruit pies.  I am also doing a pie bar for my wedding insted of cake so I am a little biased when I say that I think its a great idea! :)  Best of luck making all of those families doing mine for me and we have to make 30!!!! 
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