Waxing review!

so... I got waxed! And I love it. I am getting married in October and wanted to do a trial run before the wedding/honeymoon. I scheduled an appt at Gadabout for a bikini wax. I already get my hair cut there and it's a really nice place, so I figured it would be a great place for a wax too.

I got a bikini wax, but they ask you how much you want taken off while you're in there... so I actually got quite a bit taken off. You can take it all the way in to a landing strip if you want. And it still only cost me $25! A full brazilian costs $50. I was only in there for about 15 minutes. It was all very fast. The lady was very nice and talked to me the whole time to keep my mind off of what was going on. haha. I just talked to her about the wedding and honeymoon. She pulled the strips off so fast that it really didn't hurt that bad. I was expecting much much worse! [I would consider myself an averagely hairy person] After one of the strips that was a little more sensitive, I think i said, "Ooo... that one kind of hurt." But there was no screaming or crying going on. In fact, I was smilling and talking for most of the time.

As a reference point, I have had a few piercings and a tattoo. The tattoo and the labret piercing hurt much much worse than this.

so if you decide to go... go with a positive attitude [thinking it won't hurt too bad], try to stay relaxed and talk/think about other things.

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