Woodsy venues near Portland

Does anyone have any budget friendly venue suggestions for a woodsy wedding within an hour of portland? I've looked at Jenkins Estate and Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, but I'm hoping to find something more forested. We're thinking summer 2011.

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    Have you looked into Bridal Veil Lakes? It is not far from Multnomah falls. Here is a link.
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    We are getting married indoors at the World Forestry Center in November but I think they have some 'outdoor' type areas. Might check them out. The buildings inside are beautiful- all wood and stone- very earthy feeling- that is why we picked it  Smile
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    I went to a wedding earlier this summer at Champoeg State Park. 

    It's just barely south of Wilsonville.  I was actually really surprised at how easy it was to get there and how quickly we got there as well.  It was about a 40 minute drive from our SE Portland home.

    It was BEAUTIFUL too.  They had a covered area for the reception, and the ceremony was down by the water.  Really beautiful.

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    how do I get married in a state park?

    It took me a bit to find that information, so I thought I'd post it in here for you.  It looks like you could have a really nice wedding for EXTREMELY cheap at a state park.  It'd definitely worth looking into. 
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    Blue Lake Park
    Camp Colton
    Bridal Veil Lakes (as previously mentioned, but it books really far in advance)
    Lakeside Gardens
    Leach Botanical Garden (smaller venue, but definitely woodsy and gorgeous!)
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    Hoyt Arboretum
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    I got married in the CPR Barn (well, outside of it) and couldn't have been happier with our venue choice.   There are pics in my bio.
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    My husband and I got married at Leach Botanical Garden in July of 2008. I just *love* this venue for its combination of old trees and walking trails, garden-set patio and old house. 

    The best part is that this gem is actually in the city limits (Gresham), so your family and guest wouldn't have to make a long trip into the countryside to get there. :) It costs more than the usual City Parks rental fee, but MUCH less than privately owned venues.

    You and DF might consider going there on a nice weekend or afternoon, just to scope it out.  

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