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Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster, NY

I've heard a few people talk about how sweet the ladies at Heart to Heart Bridal were and what a good experience they had there, so I made an appointment and today I went to look at dresses there.  Before I went I wrote down a lot of style numbers of dresses I was interested in, all from their Allure line, as the others on their website aren't really what I'm looking for.

Once I got there, I realized that there were only two small racks to choose from (about 30 dresses, max).  The saleswoman just told me to look around myself and when I showed her my card she informed me that they moved all of their Allure line to the location in Manchester.  There was barely anything else in the store to choose from, I brought about 4 dresses in just so I didn't waste the appointment.  The woman was not helpful at all, I have no idea why appointments are required.  My best friend had to get me in all the dresses and the other bride in the store that had come alone was really struggling to get into dresses on her own, since the woman provided her no help either.  The woman working then trash-talked other bridal salons in the area when it became apparent that we were going somewhere else.

I'm not sure if the Heart to Heart that other brides have referred to is their Manchester location, but beware that the Webster location has almost NO dresses to choose from, and no help is provided.  I may end up going to the Manchester location to see some of that Allure line, but I'll be sure to call and make sure they have the dresses I want to try on first!  Just thought I'd let everyone know before they wasted their time at the Webster location!

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Re: Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster, NY

  • spenet1spenet1 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm sorry that happened! I had the same situation here in NC, a shop with two locations - one location was pretty helpful (not as helpful as they SHOULD be, but it's all relative) and the other location was AWFUL. All the dresses I wanted were at the miserable store, and I hated going there. I eventually just tried on dresses there, and ordered it from an entirely different store because I didn't want to give them my money!
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    Wow, really?
    Heart to Heart was my favorite store!!!  I can't believe they were anything less than amazing.
    I guess I must have gone to the Manchester location (just barely off the thruway about 1/2 way between Syracuse and Rochester??)  I don't know.
    I am really shocked. 
    I actually wish I would have ordered my dress from them because they were so sweet. 
    That just seems really odd to me.
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  • michellep1michellep1 member
    edited December 2011
    Yeah thats the Manchester location, I'll probably be visiting it as well since I read some good things about it (probably from you!) and also because they have a couple lines I really like.
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