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We set a date AND have a venue!!!

Just had to post this up b/c I'm super excited to have finally gotten the ball rolling! Our wedding date is 4/29/2012 and we're doing it at Mallard's Marsh through Beach Ball Events. Fiance wanted a wedding in the mountains, I wanted a beach this venue had a rustic vibe to of both worlds :) The glass chapel also makes a pretty rain back up (although, I have my heart set on a ceremony on the beach).
Anywho...procrastinating at work with a major case of the Mondays and daydreaming about OBX!

Hope all you ladies have a fabulous week!

Re: We set a date AND have a venue!!!

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    Congratulations!!!  It's a very very exciting moment when you pick your date AND pick your venue.  Everything can start coming together with all of the other planning details now. 

    Very happy for you :)


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    congrats!  It's a relief to get it booked- and now you can picture it "for real" !  What a feeling!
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    Congrats!  The biggest things were the date, the venue and the officiant.

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    Wonderful! Happy you found a venue which is a good balance for what you both wanted.
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    Congrats!  We are in this boat too!  I feel like the week of September 4th-11th will NEVER get here!  That's when we can get our venue and date picked out!  Tick...tock....tick....tock.....
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Picking the date/venue is probably the hardest part.  Now you can start thinking about all the fun details though! (and you have come to the right place for advice and info!)
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    Congrats!  I'm getting married at Mallard's Marsh too in just a little over 3 months.  It's been SOOOO nice to have them handle everything since it's a three hour drive down.  We loved the rustic feel of it too!
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    Congrats!  It feels so good to be able to tell people your exact date when they ask!
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