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I really don't know what to do. My FI's family lives in the UK. All of my family and our friends live here in Colorado. I don't want to make his family fly here to CO for our wedding - that would be very expensive (40 people times $1500 for a round trip flight + hotel)! I am thinking about having a very small ceremony with just my immediate family and his immediate family (~15 people). Then maybe two receptions? One here for my family and our friends and then one in England for his family? Is that rude? I'm not sure how this will be received - I want everyone to have the chance to celebrate with us without feeling left out. I would appreciate any advice! I don't know what to do! 

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    I think that would be fine! A lot of girls have a desination wedding and at home receptions.

    but if it's cheaper to do what you want, then go for it
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    I agree with PP.
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    Why not have two weddings? One here and one in the UK? That could either be a lot of fun, or a complete headache, depending on how you approach it. I would go with a lot of fun.

    Oh, and I'm a DW bride, so maybe that is why I am so geeked about the possibilities. =)
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    I am doing the same with our family. Some of my peruvian relatives will be flying in for our Colorado wedding but since we will be having our honeymoon in peru/brazil/argentina we will have a small reception for our family who wasn't able to make it. Turns out the gpa wants to throw it for us. I am all about a second wedding :)
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