Bridal Show Season is Starting!

I just thought I'd share this link with you ladies! It seems to be a pretty complete list of upcoming shows in the area!

As stated before by knotties, becareful what information you give out. You will get phone calls and tons of junk e-mail and junk mail, but you also get chances to win stuff and get great discounts from tons of vendors.

If you have any tips to share for the upcoming Bridal Show Season, please share and post!

Re: Bridal Show Season is Starting!

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    I created a separate email address to use for bridal show things. That way it doesn't ruin your normal email box.

    Bridal show at Aquaturf was great last year... planning on attending again this year.
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    I agree! I almost won a HM at the last Bridal Show I went to!

    I went to The CT Bride Magazine Bridal show last [email protected] The Arena at Harboryard--that was a great show!!

    I as well created a seperate email for WR things!

    **Password: kls114**
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    Our travel agent told us to book our honeymoon now or asap because bridal season was starting and places like Sandals are either uping their prices, or just not having sales. Seems legit, but she may have just wanted us to book. Either way, we just booked it this week! wohooo :)
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    A piece of advice I wish had before my first show was to print address labels with what information you were willing to give out (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, Wedding Date etc). It made filling out stuff so much easier.

    Also, most shows give away bags, but plan to have two. One for the vendors you made appts with or want to contact later and one bag for vendors you're not as interested it. It will make going through everything later a lot easier.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

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    I haven't gone to any bridal shows... I was gonna go to the one at Fenway a few months ago, but something happened and FI and I couldn't go. Hopefully we'll get luckier this year...

    And these are all great things to know! Thanks girls!
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    I guess theres one jan 15th  at the expo center even though I have most of everything done I want to go I missed all the ones last year because we didnt really start planning till may. I want the experience haha maybe win something.
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    I know this is late since I haven't been on in a while, but the show at the Aquaturf yesterday was so helpful for me! Did anyone else attend?
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