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Wedding at Mellwood

We're getting married at Mellwood Art Center on March 24th in Room 1.  I'm just curious if anyone is getting married there (or somewhere else in the area) after that date that would be interested in purchasing any of the items we'll be using for our wedding/reception.  I've purchased white table clothes and will be buying gray overlays.  I'm also making a 12' x9' ceremony backdrop and all of the centerpieces.  I also plan to make a few gray yarn balls to hang over the dance floor.  We are having our ceremony and reception in the same room, so we've purchased white fabric to divide the space along with lights for each of the pillars that we'll be selling as well.  We're an out of town couple, so the thought of hauling all of these items home isn't appealing.  Let me know if you're interested in any of these items and I can give you more details.

Re: Wedding at Mellwood

  • I'm having my wedding November 24th in the same room.  I'd be interested in looking at your room divider and the lights for the columns.  Would you be able to send pictures after your wedding?

  • Sure!  I'll send you a private message with some photos once we get them back unless I can find someone to come and take them from my event coordinator that evening.
  • I would be interested, depending on how it all looks!  I'm having my wedding in the same room too!
  • Hi ladies!  Our wedding went off without a hitch at Mellwood and I'm now selling the fabric room dividers, fabric to wrap around the columns and lights for each column.  I'm hoping to get a few photos from our photographer this week and I'll private message you with the photos/details if you're still interested.  We have no regrets about doing it ourselves (actually 3 family members did it for us) and we saved a couple thousand dollars!
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