I'm loving this board right now!!!

I love seeing all the questions that are being asked and everyone being so helpful. many of us know how stressful/hard planning a wedding can be. I hope that everyone is finding the board helpful.

I have been working on the WI knottie website and I hope everyone likes the updates that I have done. I am currently working on getting everyone listed on the Getting to Know Us sections. I have grouped people based on where they live in Wisconsin but if you want me to list it another way please let me know! 

Any feedback of things you want to see just let me know!! 

Re: I'm loving this board right now!!!

  • Hello!
    The site is looking great! Thanks for all your hard work. Just one question, is it possible for me to add stuff for sale on it or should I start my own blog/website for that?
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  • KatoNorway- You can add things in the for sale sections. Just PM me your e-mail address and I will send you a request that will allow you to post on the site. Reminds me, I need to update my for sale items...
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