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AW: A little OT

I just started my sleeve tattoo on my right arm and I'm just super excited about it so I figured I'd share it with my favorite girls on the web.

So, my wedding is mainly Rockabilly centered with the whole Nautical/old school tattoo theme and I'm so glad that I finally bulit up the courage to begin this project. I've been talking about this piece for 5 years! The concept behind my tattoo is the "Family Flower Garden" all of my close relatives got to choose a flower to represent them in the tattoo.

This is the Stencil and drawing that the artist put together on my arm for 2 hours!

This is during the needle work....not even half way through!

7 hours later!

It's sort of hard to make out flowers because it's just line work for now...but I'm still in love with

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