Recommendations for a creative but affordable florist in North Shore area.

I am planning an August wedding and hoping for orchid based centerpeices and looking for a florist that is afforable but does creative peices.

Thanks so much!!!

Re: Recommendations for a creative but affordable florist in North Shore area.

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    I didn't personally use her for our wedding, but I've seen good reviews for Audrey's Flower Shop in Gloucester.
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    Also check out Lyndsey Loring in NH. I didn't use her for my wedding, but she gets good reviews here.
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    Kelly Harris from Beautiful Blooms in Medford.
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    I am also planning on doing Orchid Centerpieces.... Havent gotten a quote yet, but Stapleton ( have a good reputation. I am going to possibly make my own, by just buying the Orchid Stems, and getting hurricane vases and floating candles from a craft store and submerging the Orchids in water. Unless a florist gives a good enough quote, its a good alternative, and looks really pretty.
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    We are using Audrey's in Gloucester and are more than happy with them! They were creative in building the look we want and in using pieces in multiple locations throughout the day so we get the most bang for our buck!
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    hi, my wedding is all orchids and I am using Dogwood Florist in Melrose. I was very happy with the price and the ideas they had.
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    We're using Karla Cassidy in Salem. We gave her our budget, and she designed around our budget. We have orchids in our bouquets and centerpieces, and our budget is spot on.  Her ideas are fantastic!
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    The florist we used does a lot with orchids and were very affordable for us (even though our budget ended was probably more limited than most).  We went with Orchids N' Blooms ( and they are definitely northwest of the city.  Everything looked beautiful on the day of, with my bouquet being the favorite of  everything else.  HTH.  GL!

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    I am using Annette in Revere she has been fabulous to work with.  She suggested orchids for us to use in our centerpieces :)

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    I used Evergreen Florist in Stoneham and they were fantastic.  ITs a family owned business and they are really fun and easy to work with.  They work with any budget.

    My sister had orchids and used Hillside Florist in Woburn.
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