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Hy-Vee Cake??

So I met with a prospective vendor for our cake (family friend) today and still have a stomach ache because the cake and frosting was OVERLY sweet. I'm not willing to pay the $3.50-$4 per slice that most bakeries charge so I think I'm left with Hy-Vee. 

I've had Hy-Vee sheet cakes before and they tasted great but I've only ever seen the 80's style models they have set up in the store. Has anyone ever seen one of their modern style tiered wedding cakes? Or tasted one? 

Re: Hy-Vee Cake??

  • i went to the bridal thing in ames today and tasted  2 kinds of cake from hyvee and both were REALLY yummy!! they were way better than the cakes i have even bought in store at hyvee
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  • I had the same concerns and thought I would use Hy-Vee as well but I found I didn't like their cake all that much and their prices weren't that competitive either.

    I'm getting married on May 5 and am working with Lindsay Holdorf with "Get Baked with Lindsay" out of Grimes.  She's fantastic, her cake is really good and she's actually less expensive than Hy-Vee.  I would encourage you to contact her and talk with her about your cake.  She's fantastic!  Her number is (515) 259-0740 and her website is

    Congrats and have fun planning!

  • We had Hy-Vee cupcakes. They were to die for! and they were only .59 cents each at that price it was the best deal we had for our wedding. Everyone loved them and wanted to know where they were from.
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  • I actually had a hyvee cupcake yesterday to at the bridal event and i have to admit, it was yummy! it was red velvet
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  • WE had hy-Vee cake. Chocolate-vanilla marble with raspberry cream filling. Paid $235 and served 200 people. WE didn't use fondant because I hate the taste, but fondant is more expensive, FYI.
  • Thanks for all the info!! We actually found another cake baker that does cakes out of her home...very reasonable pricing and super yummy! I'm so relieved! 
  • We LOVED our Hy-vee cake.  We used them for catering, cake, and flowers.  They were absolutely amazing,  helpful, and our guests raved about it all!  Plus, if you do all 3, you get 10% off!  I would highly recomend the Southrige Hy-Vee in Des Moines.  Ask for James in the catering department.
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