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Need Venue Help

I am getting married in a year (almost exactly) and I am trying to find a place for my reception, unfortunately I have some very tight restrictions. I need it to be cheap, like under $2000. Requirements include: capacity of 80, not catered but will allow my chef friend to bring food (not cook on site), allow my fiance's favorite band to play and allow me to reserve it later, till 11 pm or midnight.
Right now I am in Finland (the country) and will be getting home (Washington State) in December, therefore I cannot go to locations to check them out until at least December.
I dont care how fancy or nice the place is. Any advice is welcome!!

Re: Need Venue Help

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    Hi! I'm in the process of looking for a dj and I actually used this site and it worked out for me. I just typed in exactly what I wanted and the DJ I plan on using found me. Hope this helps! 
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