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I know that it's a sacriledge to put down "The Savvy Bride" in Brookfield, but I DID NOT have a good experience with my appointment.  I was early, so I was on time.  And, the beginning of the appointment went well.  I was ushered upstairs and my family was shoved into one of the corners of the viewing room upstairs, and there was another appointment right next to us.  I felt like the consultant didn't really know how to help me, I had to ask a couple of times to try on veils, while the other bride next to me was showered with attention and accessories, etc.  Maybe it was because I was a size 10 and not a size 8.  Then, when it was exactly 3:30 I was told my appointment was over, while I was still in a dress, considering purchasing it.  I bascially had to strip out of the dress ASAP, and then my family and I were booted out of the place.  I asked to put a dress on hold, and was called today and was told via voicemail that the "dress I reserved was going back out on the floor."  I'm sorry, but I had a terrible experience, and I won't be recommending The Savvy Bride or going back there. 

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  • Sorry, I meant to say a size 2 instead of 8.  Most of the brides there were very tiny and skinny, so maybe I was treated the way I was because the consultants saw me as a "bigger girl".  I didn't feel special or bridal at all, and the appointment was not fun. 
  • Wow! Sorry for your bad experience. I have had the opposite experience. I went there for a fitting and the girls were very nice, did not rush me, however it was a week day. I ended up getting my dress elsewhere but all my girls dresses, flower girl dresses, mom's dress, tuxs, and shoes are from there. Everytime I have gone in there they are so helpful, even took the time to send me an email for jewelry that would go well with my bridal dress.
    I do not feel that this store discriminates based on the size you are. I have seen many different size indivduals there, my bridesmaids as well as mother are not a size 2.
  • Yea i went there to get fitted for my bridesmaids dress for my brothers wedding. I felt really awkward because she didnt say anything. Also, when I was trying on the dress for the first time she wouldnt clip it for me (it was way to big) and I had to do it. Not that its a big deal but when I at Bliss Bridal for my girls they helped you every step if the way. Its a nice little place I just wish I felt more welcome there. The only words she said to us was "are you gonna order today" over and over. I dont know if they discriminate based on size because im a 2, I just think some of their workers need to work on their customer service. 
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  • I bought my dress this weekend at Stone Manor Bridal in Cedarburg! I love it!  The whole experience was so great.  I totally recommend it. Both my dress and veil were discontinued so I bought them off the rack.  They fit perfectly.  I'm so excited. 
  • I ordered my dress from Savvy and we'll probably do all the bridesmaids/tuxes as well. My consultant was a little akward but overall the appointment went very efficiently - I knew what styles I liked and didn't like as I had went shopping before. I'm far from a size 2 and felt that they treated me just the same as anyone else.  Hope you found a bridal place you love...you want it to be a positive experience!!
  • I had an AWESOME experience at Savvy Bride.  I picked out bridesmaid dresses first to test the place out and see if I liked it.  We had a great time.  So I went back (and I live near Madison so it's not a close drive by any means.)  I tried on several dresses and my consultant was so helpful and knew exactly what I wantefd.  I didn't find the dress I want there, but I'm going to feel bad ordering one somewhere else...
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