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you are having a wedding in south africa?!?!?

that sounds absolutely amazing!  i spent a summer living there and i would DIE to have my wedding there...just logistically, it's impossible for us. 

i am also a little sad my HM won't be there.

where will you be?

Re: **libescott**

  • Colleen,
    It will be our secound wedding (vow renewel thing. but more like our real wedding with all the emotional ties.)

    We also plan to move there in about 6 years. Since my FI is south african and wants to go home badly.
    We will be be in cape town. He has family there. There are also relitives in Jo-burg but they aren't worth visiting or speaking to. (since they still have the old frame of mind)

    We have no idea where to have the ceremony just yet.
    All in all it should be fun! I'm really excited to go!
    where did you live when you were there? tell me all about it!! Smile
  • i LOVED living there!

    i lived in seapoint (so, right outside capetown) and had an ABSOLUTE blast.  it was the best summer of my life!  i miss it so much.

    i had a great apartment right on the ocean.  a view from my front window was the ocean and my back window was table mountain.

    OMG...i could talk about it FOREVER!  i love it so much.
  • beautiful photos. It just makes me more and more excited!!
    Thanks for sharring. I'd love to hear some stories about it. I'm starting to learn affrikans, my mum is german and so I'm catching bits and pieces but since I'm not fluent in german it's so touch and go.
    My FI makes so much fun of me. He's like "so your a latina,with german and irish parents, marrying a scottish south african, learning a dutch languge...your gonna  confuse a lot of people..LOL"

  • hahah!  you'll just stick out like a sore thumb!

    my FAVORITE adventure was shark diving off gaansbai...it was AMAZING...if you ever have an opportunity to do it...DO IT
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