Vendor Reviews! **Do NOT Use Silver Shield Limo**- Long Rant :)

We had a beautiful wedding thanks to so many great vendors:

-Jerome & Andy of Studio 1923 (photography)- they were absolutely amazing- everyone thought they were great and so easy to work with- my parents were thrilled by them- Jerome even bustled my dress!

-Vinny of Jimmy Dee (DJ)- everyone danced the entire night, music was great!

-Stylish Blooms (Flowers)- absolutely beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, cake decor and Melissa even added table sparkle where appropriate- she completely understood my vision without me having to convey much!

-Flash Photography (Video- associated w/ Jimmy Dee)- great job at getting all the moments caught on video- even getting out and videoing the groomsmen going into the liquior store!

-Stacey Palencia, Blush Couture (Makeup)- she did an absolutely beautiful job on airbrush makeup for both my mother and I- so natural looking and flawless, never applied anything additional the entire night

Limo- Silver Sheild Limo
-this guy (Bill- owner) just can't seem to get it together- when I called him prior to the wedding to confirm times, locations etc. he first asked- do we need 2 cars (our contract clearly stated 2...he told me not to worry he would make it work (ok thanks since thats what our contract says..)
the guys were to be picked up by the first limo to be at the church by 2pm (3pm ceremony)- since there was no reason to have another car out at this time for us while the other sat idle in the church lot for a couple hours, we told him that same car would then go (5 minutes down the road from the church) to pick up the girls at my parent's house
Apparently when the driver showed up to my husband's parent's house, he first said, well we're waiting on the other car to get here- my husband said no- the other car was scheduled (as discuseed w/ Bill many times) to arrive at the church at 3:30pm (being used for parents, grandparents, etc.)
The driver confused went back to the car took out his paper of location/schedules and my husband saw he had crossed off the girls pickup-??
When he finally did show to my parent's house, the car could not get down their very long, hilly driveway- ok I can accept the car may bottom out, but the driver could have at least offered to help the girls, my parents and myself carry out flowers, purses and overnight bags up the driveway instead of watching us all struggle in our dresses and heels.

We finally get to the church, the other limo (Bill is driving this one) is already there.  Our limo unloads us in front and the processional begins.  There are a couple cars behind our limo as it was blocking the driveway as we all got out- at that moment- music is playing, girls are walking down the isle- Bill decides his limo needs to get to the other side of the parking lot at that moment and begins to honk the horn- my father and I were both ready to kill him- mind you this was at 3pm and he had until at least 4:30 to get his car wherever he desired...

Oh and the liquior store stop- that was to makeup for the 14 passanger limo that was supposedly going to have champagne etc- (1 bottle- thanks)

Then the driver completely flew past our venue (supposedly they go all the time)

After all of this, and arriving late (to the Waterview)- Bill goes to both fathers asking "are you the guy with the envelope" We had made certain that all of our vendors were taken care of prior to the day- Bill never got back to us, my husbands said he's probably just going to bill us, don't worry- but apparently the guy is completely classless, never said sorry my driver made you late, just worried about his "envelope"

Then he comes to my husband asking and he just gives him his card to put an end to get rid of his- Bill responds- oh well then there's a 3% processesing this points the dads came over and told us to go do our pictures since we were late (thanks Bill) and they got rid of him

Then, Bill tell's my husband's father the driver (who was picking us up at 3am that morning to go to the airport) will pick us up at the hotel...he said um no, their house- which we had gone over who knows how many times- however, I woud be curious to see what hotel they would've showed up at since we never gave an address for one-

Overall it was such a beautiful day that we wish never ended, however the limo was such a disappointment- just a word of warning to anyone in the area looking for limo services- this guy Bill just can't seem to keep anything straight- he likes to talk over you and "yes" you constantly without actually listening.

Green Light Limo picked us up from the Waterview that night to bring us home (Bill did not have any drivers for us) and I would absolutely suggest going with them!

Sorry for the rant, but just an FYI

Re: Vendor Reviews! **Do NOT Use Silver Shield Limo**- Long Rant :)

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