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These are probably really stupid questions, but I am realizing I dont know how the whole "select a wedding cake vendor" process works. 

1. Do you schedule tastings with a few different bakers and then choose who you want after you have tried a few?  Or do you book your baker and do the tasting as your wedding gets closer?

2. When is the best time to discuss various options for staying within your budget?  (such as style, potential for sheet cakes, etc).  Is this at the tastings, or should it be done on the phone before you even schedule a tasting?  I guess I am not sure how much individual attention is to be expected at a tasting, and I don't want to save all my questions for the tasting if someone basically just serves you cake and leaves. 

Thanks for the help :)

Re: Wedding Cake Questions

  • 1. DEFINITELY do tastings BEFORE booking anyone! This does not mean pick your flavors - just get a grasp on the textures, tastes and qualities of their cakes, fillings and frostings. After you book you can always do subsequent tastings to finalize your flavors with the baker.

    2. The tastings (done before booking) should be both for tasting their food and discussing your general questions such as their pricing and cost-saving options. To make sure the baker is prepared to sit down with you for this meeting, you obviously need to call to book this appointment in advance letting them know that this is for a wedding.
  • I would do the tastings prior to booking. For us, we knew who we wanted right away because we had tasted her cakes at various other weddings (she is a very popular wedding cake baker in our area), so she is the only one we set up a tasting with.

    At the tasting, she told us pricing options for different flavors and fillings and we tried about 4. Then we decided on what we wanted for sure. At this same meeting, she had us look through books for cakes we liked/inspiration and we decided what we wanted our cake to look like. We gave her an estimate on guests (she required final numbers abou 2 weeks in advance) and we discussed the cost, etc.

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  • note too that a lot of bakeries, at least around here, charge some type of fee for the tasting and if you book them, will then count that towards the deposit or total cost of the cake :)

    before booking and asking lots of questions at the appointment, checkout the bakeries you are considering online on their sites and facebook pages to get a feel for the look and design of their cakes. for instance ive worked with some who do primarily all fondant while others will only do flowers/figures but won't cover the entire cake in fondant. some designs/flavors you want might be out of a certain bakery's scope and will make your decision pretty easy :)

    good luck!
  • Thanks everyone!  That helps alot!
  • If it helps- Check with your venue to see if they have an inhouse baker.  If they do, you may get a discount if you go through them.  Our venue has an inhouse baker whom we had already decided to use so it was a bonus.

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