The Phoenix House and Well, Newry???


Has anybody out there checked out the Phoenix House and Well in Newry?  I currently live in Philly so I can't get there to see it for myself until September (my Mom is planning a recon mission for me!) and I can't seem to find any pictures online.


Re: The Phoenix House and Well, Newry???

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    I am from the Rumford area, so I have spent a lot of time in Bethel. (I'm actually getting married at The Summit in Newry next June, which is right down the road :).  The Phoenix was originally Les Otten's (the former owner of Sunday River) personal residence.  It is now a more upscale resturant upstairs, and a bar downstairs.  I have only been to the bar section, which is nice.  The outside looks like a typical ski-chalet look.  I believe it is a deep red color.  The bar has cement floors, and wooden booths and tables, with a large bar.  There is also a sitting area with couches and a fire place.  The food I have had is quite good, but I have only eaten in the bar, which is basically pub food. 
    I couldn't find any pics either, but I hope the info is helpful.
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    My husband and I had dinner there last year, and it was really pretty! Great view of Sunday River, and the food was really good. They had a great deck and a fireplace outside I think too. We didn't go into the bar area, but were upstairs in the restaurant. There are a couple pics at their website:

    I took a couple pics, so maybe this will help you.



    View from our table
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    We were just up in Newry two weekends ago and while we didn't eat at the Phoneix, our caterer (who cooked a fabulous meal for us) had commented they have some really good food at the Phoenix.  We would have eaten there, but the night we had free was Sunday and they were closed.  It is such a beautiful area up there - good luck with the research!  :)
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