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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

advice - how to dance in wedding dress?

I don't know why I'm so nervous about this but how did it go dancing the first dance in your dress?  Any advice?

I'm so scared of tripping on my dress while all eyes are on us, especially dancing backwards...

It's a traditional length, to the floor, and it doesn't have a train.

Should I just put it on and dance around in it by myself :)

Re: advice - how to dance in wedding dress?

  • While a lot of people will be watching, others will be up and down, at the bar, etc. You could practice with it, but I don't think I would want to risk anything happening to it. Remember, it will be bustled to fit the shoes you are wearing, so it should be fine.

    My dress dragged the floor a little, which is normal and my husband was just careful not to step on it. Everything will be fine, just focus on your new husband bc the first dance was one of my favorite things from our reception. It is such a great moment to be close and together after the vows and everything.
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  • Let me tell you, I was so stressed out about this issue that It made me feel sick. My seamstress was a total bi*** and kept saying I would never be able to dance in my dress.  I even bought another dress that I never even wore just in case.  But, at the wedding, I danced the night away in my dress and it was perfectly fine.  I never tripped at all.  I had a big tulle ballgown with a train.  In the pictures, I may have stepped on it because when I'm dancing, part of the dress seems to be on the ground but I never noticed and it didn't affect the good time.  When I was dancing, I always picked up my dress when moving forward and I never did trip.  When dancing the first dance, I don't think we ever went backwards, it was more in a circle so I didn't have to pick up my dress.  Since the first dance is slow, if you step on your dress, you just casually pick your foot up again and you won't trip. 
  • thank you so much for the advice ladies...this makes me feel so much better about it!
  • I fell on my rear doing the lindy hop at our wedding, but had no problems doing any "regular" dancing.  My train wasn't bustled long enough--probably because it's the nature of fabric to sag a little when left hanging.  I think getting it hemmed just a little shorter than necessary might alleviate any fears if you are doing any complicated dancing.
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