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My mom is throwing my fiancee and I an engagement party this summer. We are starting to think about who we want to come, etc. Our wedding isn't until June 2012. But, we have approx. 185 people invited to our wedding, but everyone is from all over the east coast. Do we invite out-of-town guests? We would really like to keep it to about 100 people at our engagement party. We'd love our families to socialize with one another and have our friends there. Suggestions about our guest list are very much appreciated!

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    The only musts for the engagement party are that you don't throw your own e-party and that e-party guests must be invited to the wedding.

    We invited over 200 people to the wedding but our e-party guest list was 40.

    MIL and FIL threw it and invited our WP plus close friends, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and that was it. 

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    You don't throw your own engagement party, so the number will be dictated by the host/hostess.  Then go from there.
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    I would probably try to keep it to really close friends and family and those people who are local/semi-local to the party location. Just make sure that they are all invited to the wedding when it rolls around in 2 years.
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    Well, I'd say if your wedding is over 2 years away, you may shoot yourself in the foot if you start inviting people to an e-party now.  You've got a long time until your wedding, and you can't be sure that you'll even be friendly with some people by then.

    And for me, I wouldn't at all travel and have to make overnight accomodations for an e-party.  I adore my niece who lives in Boston, but there's just no way I'd travel there for an e-party.

    I'd crawl over hot coals for her wedding, but it seems extreme to me to invite people from "all over the east coast" to an e-party.   And FWIW:  100 people sounds huge to me for an party like this.
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    Ditto pp about overnight accommodations for out of towners. There were only two people invited from out of state and that's because they are in the wedding party and they were just told they could crash out my apartment after if they needed to.100 people for the engagement party sounds kind of excessive. That would be a huge event for a pre-wedding party.

    For our engagement party it was just our wedding party (and their SO's) and family. We had about 30-35 people so it wasn't huge. It was just a cocktail party with hors d'oevres and cake. 

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    Thanks everyone....My mom is throwing the party...We said 100 people (to be generous). I have lots of aunts and uncles that live in other cities. All our close friends live nearby and my FI has family in the area as well. My mom figured have a engagement party now, rather than too close to a wedding because then there will be bridal showers soon to follow. 

    Thanks for the input everyone! :) 
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