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Hi, all!

I am a jewelry designer who has designed many wedding lassos over the past year. I am just curious to know (from anyone who cares to share with me) your thoughts on your lasso, if you used one/plan to use one.  Is it a major player in the ceremony, in your opinion?  Would you prefer one that matches your colors, or are you just looking for something to get the job done?

Lots of my customers are couples who are not both Hispanic or not both Catholic.  Some do not want a crucifix, and a few have even asked for Star of David.  I'm curious to know the attitudes people have about the ceremony and its crossing over into other non-Hispanic weddings.  Any thoughts you want to share with me are very welcome!  And please use this coupon code: FREESHIP for anything on my etsy shop as my thanks for your time!

Thanks for your help!


Re: wedding lasso

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I was just talking about the laso with my bf the other day. I am both Hispanic and Catholic and to me the laso is an important part of the ceremony. In my opinion, the laso is a visual simbol of how the 2 are becoming one, and they are literally "tied together" by the sacrament of matrimony that they are receiving. 

    In regards to your question about matching colors, to be honest I have only ever seen white ones and am not sure how color would be incorporated. But I also would want the laso to look nice, since it is like a keepsake that I often see displayed in the homes of other Married Mexican Catholics. I too would like to keep my laso for display purposes after the wedding, as a reminder, so I do not simply want the laso to "get the job done" as you say. But i think like all aspects of the wedding each bride will have her own stance on what it means to her.

    Hope that helps. And thank you so much for the cupon code! 
  • Thanks for your insights!  I think a lot of women are used to the plain white lassos, and when they stumble upon mine, which incorporate natural stones, crystals, and colors, they are surprised that nobody else is doing it.  Most of my brides are very sure about what they want, and they are trying to get every aspect of the wedding perfect.  It's nice to be able to be a part of that.

    I think the symbolism is lovely and I hope that others pick up on the tradition, as they have with the unity candle.  It is a very nice keepsake as well!

    Thanks again for your time!

  • I was looking at your lasos and they are gorgeous. I am not Latino but my fianc is how and were do you incorporate the laso we are planning on doing this tradition we are trying to incorporate American and Latino traditions into are wedding.
  • @chrein4804:

    The above link is the best explanation that I have found on the Internet. To me it is very much like the unity candle that so many people use in weddings.  My lassos are actually double Rosaries - they start out with the crucifix (or some people just want a cross) and attached to the section of beads that holds the cross are two loops of the Rosary.  A loop goes over the bride's head and the other over the groom, as if they were "lassoed" together, but it truly and beautifully symbolizes their unity through Jesus. 

    Plus, a really neat thing about the wedding lasso is that you can use beads from old family Rosaries, old wedding lassos, and incorporate symbols that are meaningful to the bride and groom.  It makes it much more personal and is a keepsake that you won't want to stash away in the attic : )

    Thanks for your compliment on my work.  I think the tradition is so very beautiful and I want couples to have something they will treasure as a reminder that they are now ONE. 

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