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April 2013 Weddings

What's the biggest thing you have left to do?

I've been updating my lists and realized that we don't have a ton of big things left to do.  But there is one HUGE one that's been keeping me awake at night - booking our airfare.  I mean, we're having a destination wedding so that's kind of important, right?  lol  I think once we do that, I can concentrate a lot more on the little things.  (Although today I bought my shoes and the last of the stuff I need to assemble our invitations, so we're good to go there.)

What's that one big thing looming over your head, now that most of us are under the 4 month mark?
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Re: What's the biggest thing you have left to do?

  • I honestly think we have most of our big things done. My worry now is that I'll forget all the little things! I have to sit down at some point and make a list so I don't forget to, like, get goodie bags for the hotel rooms until the night before or something ridiculous like that. Plus, I'd kind of like to get going on the little things I can (designing/printing menus, making our table numbers, etc) sooner rather than later, if I have time.

    I guess my only BIG worry is the looming threat of table plans but I can't do anything about that until RSVPs are. It's going to be fun. And by fun I mean I will need a steady supply of alcohol and chocolate during that process.
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  • We have a to book our limo still but I'm having a hard time justifying spending 500 for a ride to the church and reception. I have to do dress alterations and DIY projects but mostly other than that its a lot of paying people ha
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  • I feel like I have a lot left to do.

    I have to order invitations for both the wedding and the shower. I have to figure out centerpieces. I have to order a cake. I have to register for my shower. Oh, and we still have 2 more people to ask to stand up in our wedding lol. ahhhh!
  • The cake! But we are just getting a little, simple one at Safeway- so I'm not worried. Invites aren't a cause for concern for me, I only have like 15 to address. Then I'll just be doing my dress fittings and hair/makeup trials and that's about it!
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  • We still have to order the cake, flowers, I have to book someone to do my hair/makeup (but that is almost done, I just have to send in the contract). But I think the biggest thing left to do is plan the rehearsal dinner :/
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  • I suppose my invitations, they are all designed I just need to get them ordered and finish my bridesmaids bouquets. Nothing terribly big. 
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  • Our biggest thing left to do is .... find an officiant.

    I know you'd think that would be something we nailed down already, but we're having difficulty finding someone we like and that's reasonable. Since we're not active in a church, nor are we being married in one this is proving more difficult than anticipated.

    Hopefully we'll find someone perfect soon!
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  • "I guess my only BIG worry is the looming threat of table plans but I can't do anything about that until RSVPs are. It's going to be fun. And by fun I mean I will need a steady supply of alcohol and chocolate during that process."

    Ha vonclancy that is a big one for me too - and I fully agree on the assistance of alcohol to get through that process!

    I also need to print my invites, figure out the menu, I'm making all of my centerpieces, get alterations on my dress when I lose these 20lbs (hopefully!), make my programs & visual seating chart for guests, and figure out how all the decoration stuff I bought is going to work together.  Great now I'm feeling overwhelmed!
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  • I am telling ya'll I am the worst bride to ever walk the face of this earth. My to-do list

    -reception site
    -buy food for reception (we are cooking)

    I think that is about it. I have found a dress that hopefully will still be there in 2 weeks. As for the other stuff I'm not really sweating any of it. I know that between me, my best friend and everyone else who is in on our surprise it will all get done.
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  • I still feel like we have a lot of little things to do, but mainly all small things. All of our vendors are booked so we are down to the little details...here is just a fe...ps this list is stressing me out bc there is so much more to add to it
    buy candy for candy buffet
    mock up of candy buffet
    book shuttle(s)
    finish DIY (which is pretty much everything including decorating the mason jar centerpieces for florist, and candy buffet jars) bc im a SLACKER!
    escort cards
    seating chart
    stuff invites and send them out when they come in
    follow our details check off list from venue (including guest list spreadsheet with table numbers and meal choices)
    buy groomsman gifts
    finish the bridesmaid gifts
    parents gifts
    final appts with vendors

    I am sure i can add much more to this list! FIs dad has our envelopes for our invites and he is doing the calligraphy. I also gave him all of my DIY chalkboard signs so he can work his magic on those signs that i requested for the bar, candy buffet, escort card table etc. I will post pictures the minute that they are back in my hands! Can't wait to see them myself :)

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  • My big things are getting our wedding bands, get my dress altered and get our documetation sent in (we're getting married in Jamaica). Oh and making sure everything gets paid off in time!
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  • Right now I'm worrying about still having to order invitations and finding someone for hair and makeup.

  • Mine are flowers.  I haven't even started looking yet.  Also, losing 12 pounds (it used to be 10 before these holiday weeks :(), and table arrangements - I hope people RSVP by the date i gave, there is still work to do after i know how many people are coming that i can't even start on until i know the number of guests!
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  • Wow!!!! You girls are making me stress lol!!! Honestly my only stress is I have pretty much everything booked and all my vendors are paid... But still have to pay for the venue and the bar... And a ton of little stuff.... It's all gonna work out fine... And Xmas isn't helping lol!!!
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  • Wow!! I said the only stress is money, apparently the knot on my phone doesn't like the dollar sign.
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