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What are you all doing for gifts for your ladies?  I am pretty stuck on this.  All I have so far are clutches I had made by someone on Etsy, but I would like to get them more things.

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    I bought my BMs really nice necklaces from Kohl's the Monday after Thanksgiving...They were regularly $90 and I got them for $20 each. Not sure what else to get them either...sorry I am not much help! lol
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    What seller did you use for your clutches? I was thinking of doing that.

    So far, I have a B&B Works mani/pedi set I am giving them (got for $12 each vs. $24 orig) and I am having custom jewelry made for them to wear, even though I know that isn't supposed always be a gift. That along with paying for their hair on the day of.

    Beyond that, I plan to get them a few more little things r/t them personally.
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    At the rehearsal I gave all of the girls Coach handbags and a card. I also gave my MOH an oil I had done for her new condo and a small charm for her car (inside joke)

    The next day I had gift bags waiting for them with clutches that matched their dresses, a set of pearls, a pashmina, an umbrella and a robe. I had each marked with a luggage tag.

    At the reception I had slippers for them waiting on their chairs.

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    Wine glasses from etsy by FizzyArtist. Super cute!
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    My girls are getting black clutches (all different, catered to each girls' taste) and black pashminas for the wedding day.  I'm also getting them a crystal nail file decorated with their favorite colors, and I got them each necklaces from one of those vendors at State Fair that coordinate with their tastes (for example, one with a horseshoe for my MOH who loves horses).  Each girl will also *probably* get a gift card to their favorite store, and I am taking anyone who wants to go out for manis/pedis the day before the wedding.  Oh, and I'm paying for their hair if they decide they want to get it professionally done.
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    I got each of my girls Vera Bradley Make up bags filled with necessities for the day of the wedding. Each got a mirror compact with their names engraved, flip flop slippers, clear lip gloss, clear nail polish, shout wipes, safety pins, etc.

    A little survivors kits with a little style :)
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