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I'm having my wedding right on the ocean (not a beach but an oceanfront property). The ceremony is going to be outside on the lawn and then the reception is going to be on a tented deck area. I was really into having a vintage inspired wedding. I wanted my colors to be black, white, and light pink but then I started thinking that those colors don't really "match" with the setting of the wedding. I don't really want to be cliche and do an ocean/beach themed wedding...

Any suggestions? Do you think it would be ok to keep my original plans? Or should I change the colors/style to more match the setting? HELP!!!

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    I think your wedding colors sound beautiful!  I would definitely pick the colors you like, and don't worry about 'matching' the setting. 
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    I think you should pick the colors you want. 

    But I also think that by changing the black to gray, the colors might be a bit more relaxed and go with the scenery, but this will still give you a classy vintage style.
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    There are no rules with colors (or much of anything wedding-related) anymore.
    I think your color ideas will be beautiful with the ocean in the background.
    Go for it!
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    i think the colors are great!! If you are worried about the ocean front setting add some ocean themed things (starfish, sea glass, shells) that are all white. This way you would have the colors and ocean setting all tied together. You dont have to go overboard on ocean, for example white sea glass in a container to hold the table cards, a couple white starfish and white shells scattered around centerpieces would look fantastic!
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    thank you guys so much!!!!
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    I heard of someone asking all their guests to wear white to the wedding so the pictures would be vintage looking, especially the black & whites & sepias.  I thought that was a great idea!!
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