Overwhelmed already! :-( Need a venue

Okay, so....we got engaged in August.  I was so excited that I started looking at places online, etc...then got word that my parents couldn't attend in Maryland, so I started looking at place in my home state (California)...then my fiance told me he didn't want it there 'cause California means nothing to HIM...  We started arguing about the wedding every time it came up, so I just gave up planning and told myself, "whatever...courthouse, here we come".

Now we've agreed to have the wedding in the Maryland/Virginia area, and I'm getting excited again...but at the same time, VERY overwhelmed.  We don't have a date, because we need to find a venue...and there is just soooooo much! do you START this planning process?  PLEASE HELP

Re: Overwhelmed already! :-( Need a venue

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    it helps to narrow down a few things to give you some guidance
    -guest count (this determines what venues would even work for you)
    -budget (how much can you spend on the venue rental and catering)
    -style/theme (do you want indoor/outdoor, casual/elegant, etc)

    If you are flexible on location and style I'd suggest taking a serious look at your guest list and budget first.  I found a lot of venues I liked maxed at 150 guests so we had to keep looking to find something larger.

    Good luck and congrats!

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    I agree with MelP, especially that budget and guest list (even a rough idea) are the two most important.  We didn't really decide on much else, except a vague idea that it would be nice to get married on the water, before we just started browsing online.
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