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How did the doc's appt go last week?  I didn't see an update.


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    It was in under my Thoughts and Prayers post, but that's okay.

    I have surgery scheduled for July 19th.  Apparently, God was smiling on me that day; the doctors are all going on vacation for two weeks this summer, and have to schedule surgeries and patient visits accordingly.  Well, the scheduler had been giving all his surgery patients for that day a date in August.  When she looked up dates to schedule me, she said "well, that's weird.  I have July 19th open, and have had it all day, but I have been giving everyone else August.  Do you want this date?"  Of course, I said yes!

    After the surgery, I have two weeks of hell, and then 4-6 (6-8 weeks total) of recovery; no driving, no lifting more than a gallon of milk, that kind of stuff.  It should be really interesting; I have a wedding to go to on July 31st!

    While it's sooner than they were scheduling, it's also disappointing in some ways; I have been fighting for this so long, and I wanted it to happen right away.  But 4 weeks isn't that hard to wait, and I will recover in time to be dancing at the wedding!  Thank you for thinking about me and asking Smile!
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    That's good that you got the earlier date!  Thanks for the update!
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