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Sedona wedding on a budget?

Hi everyone.  We have a ways to go before our wedding, but we were considering having a wedding in Sedona.  We wanted to have our wedding June 7, 2014 since this will also be our anniversary since we started dating.  We may be willing to change the time of year, if it's going to be too pricey to get married at this time, but I was also hoping for an outdoor reception.  We will be paying for everything on our own, so I'm wondering, is it possible to have a Sedona wedding on a budget?  We were hoping to stay around $8k if possible.

We know a photographer in Tucson that we really want to use, so that is going to be pricey (maybe around $3k or so), but he is an old friend of mine and we love his work.  We both have large families (maybe around 150-200 people), but assume that the guest list may be cut down since most would be traveling from Tucson.  We don't have many specific demands yet except the type of music.

Any advice or are we in over our heads?  If it ends up being out of our range, we may have to get married in Tucson instead.  However, we both love the idea of getting married somewhere else and Sedona sounds like a beautiful place to have it at.  Any input is greatly appreciated!!  Thank you :)

Re: Sedona wedding on a budget?

  • June may well be a little warn for an outdoor reception. That said, things are ususally less expensive then.
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  • Can I ask what it is you love so much about Sedona? Not that I don't love it, but I couldn't imagine getting married without my nearest and dearest, so if it were me and I thought many of our guests couldn't make the trip, I'd plan it closer to home. We REALLY wanted to get married in Flagstaff because we love the forest-y feel up there, but my FI's family is ALL coming from out of state and so we decided to be closer to Sky Harbor because it is the cheapest and most convenient airport in the state. I love Sedona, but I think it is kind of overpriced and overrated. Also, Zizibet is right, June might be too hot. Its hard to tell, since the elevation is higher a lot of times it is cooler, but I feel like I have been in the summer many times and it was HOOOOT there. That said, your guests may surprise you. Tucson is what, a three hour drive from Sedona? I wouldn't hesitate to drive that for a wedding.

    Why I ask what it is you love about Sedona so much, do you think you can do something just as nice in southern AZ? If you want to go out of Tucson I would check out Sierra Vista, which I think is a cool mountain town like Sedona. Maybe Bisbee would work for you. Personally, Bisbee is like, one of my favorite places in Arizona, and I think it is a quirky town, alot of in the ways Sedona or Jerome is. Good luck!

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  • Also, is your $8,000 budget before or after you pay your photog? If you only have a $5000 budget and travel expenses to and from Sedona (probably several times with planning) I don't think that will get you very far in Sedona.
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