Average cost of a DOC? Recommendations?

It looks like everyone on this site is in consensus that a DOC is a good idea and worth the money. Can you tell me what you paid? Who are some of the DOCs you used? Would you recommend them?

Thanks so much!

Re: Average cost of a DOC? Recommendations?

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    The invisable hostess!!! I think we paid $995 and that was their medium level. They have a cheaper option and a more expenisve option. The level I went wasn PERFECT and worth all the money! At first we thought for that money we should do it ourselves, but it was really worth it at the end of the day!

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    Yeah, I couldn't justify spending that much on a DOC so I'm having a (friend and) co-worker doing it for me.  We haven't discussed price yet and I kinda think she'll just say "don't pay me" but I'll get her a spa certificate and chocolates or something.  It's worth it because you don't want all the vendors coming to YOU on your wedding day. You want to assign a point-person, and whether that's a pro, a family members, or a friend, you should have someone other than yourself to manage wedding day details.
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    I am using Manette Gracie Weddings. manettegracie.blogspot.com
    You can go to that and click on her rates page and it says what she charges. She is WAYYYYYYYYY cheaper than anyone else you will ever find. and you can tell her Miranda referred you.
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    My DOCs (2 for the price of 1) are Shannon and Teasha from Happily Ever After (http://www.perfectionisplanned.com).  Their DOC package is $500.  A ton of other Seattle Knotties have used them before, and I have heard nothing but good reviews!
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    I am using exquisite events.  Their packages are listed here: link

    I booked long ago when Emily was still the owner and they were having a promotion for a big chunk off the prices listed.  A few other knotties have used Emily before and have had wonderful experiences.  However, I'd be curious if anyone else has used or is using Shay, the new owner?

    Please say that Gina referred you if you do contact them. 
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    I just sent and email to Manette Gracie Weddings, thanks for the recommendation. I really didnt think I could afford someone but with her prices it seems like a total steal!!!! Thanks :) 
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    I used Teasha and Shannon. They were fantastic! If Manettee doesn't work out give them a call.
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    i also used teasha and shannon, and they were amazing!
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    Thanks, Everyone. I'm also looking at Sydney Fee at Your Day Your Way...
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    Just to add on - I used Teasha and Shannon as well!  Totally affordable, totally worth it.  I had my reception immediately following my ceremony, so it was a necessity for me to have two people (one at the ceremony site, one at the reception site)!! 
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    I'm also going to be using Teasha an Shannon.  I've heard such great things about them, and really just needed someone to get everything set up at our venue, as I don't want my friends and family to have to do it.  Totally worth the $500.
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    I agree with Archel, and our DOC is a close friend of one of my bridesmaids who is trying to build a portfolio. She's doing it for "two beers" to quote her!
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    Lame, Manette is booked for the day of our wedding but I just cant see how we are going to find an extra 500 bucks to have someone do it. :( I will have to keep looking!
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    KatyDidlettes. I think I know someone who does it for around $300. I can try to dig up the info for you! Super sad manette is booked! :(
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    If you find the name of the other recommendation for $300 please let me know as well.  Manette was also booked for my date next Aug and my budget is a little too tight to comfortably spend $500+.  Thanks!!
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