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Sisters are walking me down the aisle...

Quick background - My older sister got married in December. My Mom walked her down the aisle. I cried like a baby up at the alter. Very emotional. My crying started my little sister crying and that brought tears to my Mom and older sister....what a mess.

Okay, so since I don't have my Dad (passed away 7 years ago), and my Grandpa can't make the trip to NC, so I'm having my two sisters walk me down the aisle. My Mom was a little hurt that I didn't want her to escort me, but I was honest and said I couldn't handle it emotionally.

Do my sisters need a flower or any sort of designation? They are wearing a dress from David's Bridal both in the color fern. Is that enough? Maybe a smaller version of the bridesmaid flowers?

Looking for suggestions.  Thanks!

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Re: Sisters are walking me down the aisle...

  • Maybe a wristlet or something like that. If you want to get them a smaller bouquet, then do that.

    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
  • What about just having a bout. on them? Otherwise since they are walking you down I dont think they need to carry their own bouquet.
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