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So my fiance and I are few informal. I mean for our reception meal it is a pig roast and other BBQ items. We are havign our reception in an old barn that is BEAUTIFUL! What I was thinking for the escort cards was an idea I got from another bride. Brown (or white) paper bags with the name stamped on them and what table they are going to be sitting at. At first I was thinking a candy buffet and have them get candy and go to their seats but I was thinking, when looking through the balck friday ads and saw a antique looking popcorn machine, what about popcorn instead of candy? My fiance and I LOVE popcorn and have a bag of microwave popcorn whenever we get a chance to hang out together and just watch a movie at home. The antique popcorn maker is only like $29 to purchase and like $79 to rent, so if I went with this idea I would just buy it then try ot resell it online.

What do you think? Is it different enough but not so much so that it is going to look tacky? Should I buy it then go through the hassle of reselling it, or just rent it? Ideas?

Thanks ! :)
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Re: Popcorn/Escort Cards

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    If I remember correctly, one of the brides on my month board had a popcorn buffet as her favor and it was a huge hit - but I don't think they were popping it right there. 

    I think it fits with the overall feel of your wedding perfectly.  If you were having a black-tie wedding at the fanciest hotel in town, then it might look tacky.  But a barn wedding with a pig roast/bbq, it definitely fits!
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    I agree with hcorrigan. Since you are having a casual BBQ, I think it will fit.

    I have to say that the little details that reflected us were our favorites throughout the wedding. We got so many comments on the details that we put in that were important to us, and our wedding really reflected who we are as a couple. Even if people don't understand the popcorn machine, I'm sure they will enjoy it and you'll be happy it's there since it reflects the time you love spending together, just hanging out watching movies.
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    Nikki- Awesome Idea!
  • where is the barn you are having your reception in?! i am having a barn wedding but having a hard time finding a reasonably priced one!
    please message me back!
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