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just got thrown for a loop

So my sister who is 3 years older than me called me tonight...her and her bf believe they are expecting :) i'm super excited as i woudl LOVE to be an aunt only downfall....my sister doesn't believe in having a child out of wedlock and they were already talking about getting engaged so now she thinks they may get married right away...while i'm stoked for them i can't help to be a little upset if this is what is going to happen as it will take away from my wedding (i know bridezilla) there is really no point to this just had to tell someone
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Re: just got thrown for a loop

  • Congrats to your sister, and to you as well.  I'm an auntie to 10 and it's so much fun!

    I'm sorry she's going to be stealing your thunder, though.  Is she thinking of having a big celebration or just doing something quiet?  I would think that with a baby on the way, they'd want to save as much money as they can for baby things.  Maybe after you digest things, you can talk to her and at least ask her not to do it in April - that way you can still have your big moment in the spotlight.  She won't be showing for a while most likely, so she has time before she makes that commitment.  *HUG*
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  • Congratulations to your sister! That is so wonderful!

    Unless she plans her wedding for the same weekend, I wouldn't worry about her stealing the spotlight or anything. Be happy, you're going to be an Aunt! :)
  • Congratulations!

    As for having her engagement and wedding take away from YOUR wedding day... it won't, not in the least. Your day is your day, period. Unless she shows up to your wedding in white (which I'm sure she won't), or talks nonstop about her baby/engagement/wedding, there is no thunder being stolen.

    In fact, she may feel a little envious that you're doing things the "right" way (I put this in quotations because there isn't really a right way to do anything, but this seems to be how she personally sees it). You've put so much thought and planning into your wedding, and hers may be somewhat rushed (though no less joyous and loving). I think it would be sweet if you were there to help her out along the way so that she can have the wedding she's always dreamed of, too.
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  • I'm sure you're pretty shocked right now.  Just try to let it sink in for a couple of days and be there to support her.  I'm sure she's kind of shocked, too.  Both of your weddings will be great for different reasons :-)

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  • How soon is she thinking of getting married? If it's in April, I can get the bummer feeling, but either way, both of your days will be super special and awesome. You won't steal each others thunder.

    Either nieces and nephews are amazing. I have an "honorary" nephew who's almost 5 (OMG I can't believe that!!) and an "honorary" niece who's 2 1/2 (both my best friend's kids...they're not biologically related, but I'm still Aunt von :D). Then I have a nephew who's 9 months (sister's son) and one that's going to turn one 4 days before our wedding (FBIL's son). Being an aunt is the best because you get all the love and adorableness and fun without any of the responsibililty :) And you can spoil them rotten (or...at least I do...)
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  • Hopefully your family is nothing like my in laws who spent my entire dress searching and fitting process, bridal shower, and any other wedding related process discussing FSILs wedding plans.. Before she was even engaged. FSIL being 35 weeks pregnant in my wedding has also been the topic of conversation. It sucks having the thunder taken away from your day but it is what it is. On THAT day it will be all about you and that's what I have to keep reminding myself, even if the whole time leading up to it is made to be about somebody else.
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  • Thanks girls!! I did have to let reality sink in a little bit and I am completely excited and joyous for her and her boyfriend! I know it won't take away from  my wedding I was just being childish and selfish when she first told me!!! Thanks again! You girls help so much with wahtever topic it is!
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