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Should Bachelorette Party Planning be so stressful...for the bride?

I have two maids of honor and a close girlfriend who will be our officiant.  They are in the process of planning my bachelorette party right now and it is really stressing me out!  One of MOH's lives in Idaho and she wants to basically plan it herself but wants opinions from the other girls and myself on what to do and where to stay (the other MOH seems to fine with this).  My officiant is used to planning events and also has a VERY strong personality and opinion about what to do.  Both of them are calling me to complain about the other.  In the mean time the planning that is going on is a bit overwhelming.  I constantly get e-mails asking if this or that is ok, or to double check if an e-mail or an invite sounds right.  
I feel completely overwhelmed and am resisting the urge to write them all an email saying, "thanks but no thanks".  I find that I'm less stressed planning the wedding than I am this bachelorette party. 
I've told them, that I trust their opinions and that I'm sure it will be a fun night no matter what, but would it be rude to request that I be left out of the planning process from now on?
Anyone else in the same boat?  Any advice?

Re: Should Bachelorette Party Planning be so stressful...for the bride?

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    You should not be involved in the planning.  Yes, tell them that you're grateful that they want to have a party for you, but you're not going to be involved in any planning or controversies.  GL
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    I have also been put in the exact situation and I finally put my foot down and told them I have enough to worry about with the actual wedding, you deal with the pre-wedding stuff. Be firm, and they should get the point. At this point I don't even care about any pre-wedding parties, my focus is to marry my FH.
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    You shouldn't have any part in planning your bachelorette party. Let them handle it and be firm about it.
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    Ditto pp's.. you don't need the extra stress before the wedding. Tell your friends that you appreciate that they'd like your input, but it's been too much back and forth and to leave you out of it going forward. Let them know you don't want to know anything expcept for where and when to show up for it and how to dress for it. Remind them that you need to be focusing on the wedding and all the back and forth is really draining you, and if they can't work it out on their own that you'd be happier not having a b-party then being in the middle of all the stress in trying to make sure it happens. HTH!
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    Thank you all for your helpful advice!  I am going to go ahead and e-mail them, to let them know I don't want to be involved in the planning from now on!
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