Gannon's wedding in January: the cloud???

Hi, I'm thinking about have the wedding at Gannon's in January. I've been in contact with the coordinator Susan and she is the nicest person that I ever contacted from a wedding venue! I really want to have the wedding there because based our communication, I can imagine it would be a great experience working with her. However, my only hesitance is the weather...I've been searching wedding pictures taken at Gannon's and in almost every pic that I saw there was a huge cloud hanging over the ceremony site...I don't really like cloudy sky...I want CLEAR and BLUE sky and ocean and that's why I'm going to Hawaii to get married. I searched on this board and I remember someone mentioned that there is always a cloud bridge above Makena in the winter...Anyone who had the wedding there in the winter? Have you seen the cloud? Was it really bad? Thanks!

Re: Gannon's wedding in January: the cloud???

  • I can't speak to Gannon's specifically, but my wedding at Olowalu was in November, but I've been to Maui in Feb.  On my wedding day it was definitely a bit cloudy- but really sunny too.  It's Maui, you may not get 100% sunny skies...but clouds make for amazing sunsets!  Also, clouds help with the intense sun.
    Unfortunately, you can't really predict the weather in the tropics, it's ever changing- and you are getting married in the "winter."
    Regardless, you can't beat a Maui wedding.  Best decision we ever made!
    Good luck!
  • Our winter (rainy/cloudy weather) typically ranges from December to April. However, certain parts of the island will always be drier than other areas, and certain islands tend to see more rainfall than others. Gannon's is on the leeward side of Maui, so it should be less wet than other areas, but again, January is our winter, which means rainy days more often.

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