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Marriage License

Has anyone already gotten their marriage license in Georgia?  Does it take very  long?  My understanding is you just go in with the payment and picture ID and walk out within a couple hours (depending on the line) with the license?

I've been taking off work a lot for other vendor meetings and dress fittings and really don't want to have to take off more time to go (since usually the hours are only during the work day).  This means we will be going to get the license on the Thursday before the wedding...I have the whole day off and so far no other last minute things to do..

Is this a terrible idea?  I don't want something to happen and me be stressed about getting the license?

Re: Marriage License

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    It took DH and me about 15 min to get ours and about 10 min of that was filling out the paperwork. We got ours in Cobb County and it was a total breeze. Personally, I wouldn't have wanted to wait until so close to the wedding since it is so important. You could always go on your lunch break or take a long lunch and you should be fine. GL! 
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    Be sure whoever is marrying you will be ok with waiting.  Our priest requires us have it 2 weeks ahead of time.  We got it in Gwinnett and it was very quick. 
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    We did Cobb County also. It was SO quick... just make sure you remember to take cash since that's all they will accept.
  • bbyckesbbyckes
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    We gout our license in Cobb County as well.  We went on our lunch break.  Can you do that?  The Thursday before the wedding seems risky to me - even though everything will probably be fine, I just don't know if I'd want to risk it.
  • mrockwell1mrockwell1
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    We went to DeKalb and it was quick.  I would suggest that you go on a day that they do not perform ceremonies since there will be fewer people there.  I think we were in and out in about 20 minutes.
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