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What's new with you?

I started classes today... so I will be on and off of here.

What is new with you?

Re: What's new with you?

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    Not a lot. I start class this coming Monday, so I'm trying to get as much wedding stuff done before then as possible. I need to send deposits to my florist, baker, and make-up and hair stylists. 
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    I have about 7 weeks till my wedding and I still haveton to do and pay off the florist and the photographer. Feeling the stress coming on. We did get our RD spot booked - Pappadeaux. I'm excited about that!
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    Just got back to school and my under 10 girls soccer team that I coach starts practices this week. As for the wedding its mostly the little stuff that ive got done but I bought totes for my bridesmaids, ordered guest books, and ordered everything for our centerpieces.
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    I have 32 days until my wedding. So we are feeling the excitement and nerves all in one. We are mostly getting small stuff done now. Gifts for everyone, pictures printed and in frames, finishing favors, programs, and all accessories for our outfits. And of course paying down our balances. Most are already paid except the amount we pay them the day of. Oh yea and waiting not so patiently for RSVP cards back in the mail!!
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    Nothing much new, except with each day that passes, my sense of panic increases . . . we've got a lot done, but there's still so much left to do and I'm starting to feel like time is running out! Trying to plan a wedding is so much more work than I thought and part of that is my fault for being such a control freak, but still. All of the little questions and preferences that pop up were just so unexpected. I wanted 30 guests but we're now at 267! Of course to keep costs under control, that's going to have to be worked on and we're going to have to make cuts. We hope to end up with 100 guests. We're still undecided on the caterer and that is scaring me the most. I think once we get that taken care of, I'll feel much better. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant . . . and good luck to you ladies going to school! I don't know how you do it!
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    Everyone sounds stressed about money!! What are you doing to alleviate that stress? Are you having to take loans out? There needs to be financial aid for those who need it just to get married. :P
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    Went to Canada with my fiance' so he could meet alot of my extended family. It was a nice break from the heat! But when I got back, I started stressing that there's still alot to do for the wedding..only 2 1/2 months. Taking a class too.
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