So ladies, who did you tip and how much? Also Im catholic and traditionally you tip the priest or deacon. I guess my church is a bit more than that of my catholic friends churches(its 500 for the church) So how much should I tip him? (hes a deacon and we are not having a full mass) Also we are planning on using the church Cantor and organist do we tip them?

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    We kind of went by the rule of did we pay them directly for their services or not?  If no, we tipped them.  We did not directly pay the bartenders, limo driver, servers, etc. (just paid the limo company, reception hall), so we tipped these people.  We did not tip the officiant, seamstress, photographer, etc as we paid these people individually for their services.

    I'm not sure if that makes sense.  Sorry.  I have no idea if this would be the proper etiquette, but this is kind of the conclusion we came to after speaking to a few other couples that were recently married.

    Tipping is always optional.  If you are unhappy with anyone that you would normally tip, you can skip the tip.  On the opposite page, if you are beyond thrilled with someone that most people do not tip, they likely will accept and appreciate the gratuity.

    We didn't have a church wedding and I have no idea who would traditionally be tipped.
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    My church fee was $75 and I gave a donation of $100 on top of that. You don't really tip a priest, you give them a donation of your choosing.  The monies received typically go back to the church community or to the rectory fund.  If you want to get the priest/Deacon something specific, maybe a nice bottle of wine or a GC as a thank you that won't go back into the church community.

    The organist/Cantor was $175 and I did not give any additional amount because I felt that was enough.

    We didn't have a deacon, or altar servers.

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       The pastor who is marrying us has been my pastor since I was eleven years old, and FI's pastor as well for the past two years now.  He and his wife gave my parents marriage counseling when I was younger, and they will also be doing our premarital counseling with us.  We come from a relatively small sized church, so everyone knows everyone and we're all pretty close.  Because of these things, I definitely plan on giving our pastor a little something extra for marrying us, beyond just the fee that we are paying for using the church.  We'll probably just do a gift card for him and his wife to go out to a nice restaurant or something.
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    The pastor who married us didn't want to be paid, but we made a donation to the church and gave him a restaurant gift card as a thank you.

    I also agree w/PP.  If you are paying them for their service directly then you probably don't need to tip.
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