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Who hosts the bachelorette party and should I assume?

My fiance and I are not having a wedding party, but both have a group of close friends. Since none of my friends will be bridesmaids or attendants of any kind, I'm kind of worried that no one will offer to throw me a bachelorette party. Is this normal?
Should I assume that someone will offer to throw me one? What if no one offers?

My bridal showers are covered by my mom and the womens ministry at my church, but the bachelorette party I'm kind of worried about. Any advice?
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Re: Who hosts the bachelorette party and should I assume?

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    The person to throw the bachelorette party is whoever offers to throw one.  If no one offeres, there's really not anything you can do.  It would be rude to ask a friend to throw one for you.
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    Anyone who would like to can throw the party.  Anyone except you, that is.

    If no one offers, you don't have a b-party.  That may be disappointing, but b-parties are not at all a "requirement" to get married.  They are an ancillary, albeit often fun, event.
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    You can get a bunch of your friends together and just go out like you would any other night but don't call it a b-party, don't do any b-party type things (like wear a veil, play games), and don't expect them to pay for you. 
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    Just have a get together and call it a day.
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    I feel really bad b/c I have 2 of my friends fighting over the job, want one of them. I agree with the other girls, you can't ask but you could drop hints I suppose is anyone throwing one for your fiancée?  Maybe you can ask "oh so innocently" one of his friends if they are planning anything, then maybe the word will get around and it wont look like you asked your friends directly. P.S. I might tell him your plan first, and it would probably work best to ask a friend of his you know has close contact with your friends.
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    When the wedding starts to get close, you can ask a couple of friends if they want to go out with you for one last night of being single.  It's dropping a major hint, but it still gives them an out.  They can easily say yes or no, or more likely "OMG let's make it a bachelorette party!"  It probably won't be very planned out like an official b-party, but you can still have fun with your friends before the wedding.  That's what it's all about, right?
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