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I am thinking of setting up a webcam for my wedding ceremony for my family/friends who will not be able to attend.  I would like to have this available for them since I am not sure how many will be able to make it physically.

FI and I live in the South, on the Eastern seaboard, and all of my family/friends are in the Pacific NW area. 

Has anyone thought about doing this, or have done it, or have been to a wedding that did this?  Any and all suggestions/thoughts are welcome!



  • We did it using Ustream, but it was kind of a fail because 1) the camera wasn't pointed in the right direction, so it was framed strangely, and 2) I forgot to make sure the correct audio source was set, so you couldn't hear a damn thing.  If you're going to do it, I would make sure to do a rehearsal with all A/V elements in play (I know of one girl who got awful feedback on her webcast because they hadn't practiced with all the microphones on) and make sure that the person who's going to be running it at the wedding knows what they're doing.
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  • oh sweetie, there are actual companies out there that videotape your wedding and broadcast it online for people to see so it is done professionally. my fiance and i are going to do this since some of our family members are in nursing homes and too ill to attend.

    one of the companies that does this is for additional options, just google "live webcast weddings."

    good luck!
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