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So I moved from Alaska to Arizona last summer for school and now my Fiance and I are trying to plan from 5000 miles away. We're thinking August next summer and are leaning towards Alyeska. But we can't get a firm price or even a good price range out of them.  Does anyone know a general cost of a wedding there. Or have any suggestions for a vendor.  We're thinking about 300 invites in the Anchorage/ valley area.  

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    I've heard great things but they are a more expensive option.  I've heard about minimums of 10,000 but those are rumors.  I know they were higher than we could pay though.
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    Ok good to know. The email the rep sent me made it sound like 6500 tops but it just sounded,,,,too cheap. I dunno. I'm going to check it out this summer while we're up there, thanks!
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    I'll see if I still have price lists from our visit to Alyeska last year. One thing you should know is their maximum capacity in the biggest ballroom is 200, so if you're expecting any more than that, it might not be the right venue for you. (We really liked it but knew we couldn't get our guest list that low.)
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    Thank you so much that would be great also good to know about the guest list. We actually estimated in the 300 so that might not even work.
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    Hey, I'm from Alaska and now live in Arizona!
    I know Aly is pricey, for that many people I'd guess over $10,000...
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    Check out the Alaska Bride & Groom Magazine or their website . That was a HUGE help to me in finding venue prices and getting good tips for things in Alaska.

    I grew up here so I knew of possible locations, but their site has prices and web links that are super helpful.

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    Thank you. We kinda gave up on Alyeska considering it would be about 24,000 or more.I'll definitely take a look at their website thanks! 

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    Have you picked a photographer yet? 
    You should look at Erica Rose...
    She's amazing! Just moved to Anchorage from Chicago so she has some great deals for Alaska brides.
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    Count on around $40/head for the food. Also, they have a corkage fee if you want to bring in your own special bottles of wine, champaign, etc. This is definitely one of the most expensive venues in Alaska, but probably one of the more beatiful
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    Not sure about the venue costs, I live in Anchorage but we are getting married in Oregon, BUT our photographer is from here and he is phenomenal!!!  He took our engagement pictures and is flying down to Oregon to take our wedding photos!  Don't know if you are still looking for a photographer, but I would definitely check him out.

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  • I was there 2 weeks ago for a quick consultation with their wedding planner Jennifer.  I live in NYC and am also planning an Anchorage wedding from afar.  I was very dissapointed, they were quite expensive and not willing to work with me on things.  The food minimums run from $5,000 to $7,500, though the venue rentals aren't crazy expensive. 

    I tried to book the Seven Glaciers Restaurant, but they told me I'd have to share it with other diners and I could not have a dance floor or any space like that.  Considering I'd been there summer 2010 and seen the whole place closed down for a private function, I was annoyed that they told me this wasn't allowed since 2006.  For a total of $8,000 plus service charges plus cake cutting costs, it wasn't worth it for a wedding of 55 people.
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