Printing addresses to envelopes from the knot guest list???

Does anyone know how this is done?
Please call or e-mail me I sure would appreciate it.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Printing addresses to envelopes from the knot guest list???

  • Hi there.  I haven't yet done this myself, but I was wondering the same thing.  I think this is how you do it....

    From the Guest List main page, click on your desired Guest List and then click "View Summary" on the top right of the Guest List control rectangle.

    Towards the bottom of the screen will be a whole bunch of options for exporting the information in the guest list in various ways.

    Once you pick the approriate list, click "create report."  This will create an Excel spreadsheet with all the information in columns.  Save this spreadsheet with a name and in a location that you will know where to find it.

    What I would then do (and this is where I am not sure the best way to proceed, so if someone else know better, please correct me) is to create a Microsoft Word document.  Assuming you have Word 2007 or later, there will be a tab called "Mailings."  In the Mailings tab, there will be a button to click called "Start Mail Merge."  Use the Mail Merge feature of Word to create your envelopes.  I recommend using the last option in the menu that appears when clicking "Start Mail Merge" which is "Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard."  This should be able to walk you through the process.

    You will be able to choose the envelope size, font style and size for both the return address and recipient address, as well as the printing orientation.

    In the third step of the process, "Selecting Recepients," click browse and link to the excel spreadsheet created from the Knot when you pressed Create Report.  You will then be able to choose all or only a few of the people in the spreadsheet.  In step 4, you may have to select specific fields from the address spreadsheet to be included in the Address to appear on the envelopes.  You might have to play around with some of the options and chosen fields to get everything right, but in theory it should be straighforward. 

    I would also check each of the envelopes individually before you print them.  In step 6 of the Mail Merge there will be an option to "edit individual envelopes."  Clicking this will automatically create a new document with all the individual envelopes.  Once the indivdual envelopes are created you can edit them one by one if necessary.

    I hope this helps (and is correct).  You may also try searching the  Invites and Paper forum.  I wouldn't be surprised if this question were asked and answered on there a few times.

    Good luck!
    [Deleted User]
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