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Unity candle alternative ideas (Fathers)

I just wondered if anyone had any ideas for an alternative to the Unity candle. Ours will be different because my FI mother will not be at the wedding. She is not a people person and she doesn't leave their home very often. We already suspected she might not attend so we will be Recording it for her. Anyways, back to my question...I am wanting to have our Fathers do the "Unity candle" but I wanted to change it. They both like fishing and our wedding will be in november so I have been racking my brain for ideas. I was thinking of having a sand ceremony but instead of sand have lentils or peas because our fathers work at the same place where they process peas, lentils and garbanzos....kind of funny I guess. Thanks for any ideas!!

Re: Unity candle alternative ideas (Fathers)

  • There's really no reason not to do a unity candle if that's what you want to do.  Fathers can light candles just as well as mothers ;-)  So i guess the thing to know is if you're changing it only because it will be your dads instead of moms, or if you want to do a unity symbol but are wanting something youneek.
  • I think i was more confused about what to use to symbolize the combining. I had a cousin who used the idea of making mojo for their unity candle alternative. I'm new to all this stuff so I didn't quite understand that it was about US...learn something new everyday!! :D
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Unity candle alternative ideas (Fathers) : This.  DH's dad lit his side of the Unity candle.  The candles still light just the same even without a vagina. How do peas and lintels signify you and your FI, and your lives combining together?  The unity ceremony isn't about the parents, it's about the couple and the marriage, so I don't understand why you're trying to incorporate your fathers' jobs and hobbies into it.
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  • You can have the dads do candles or do the beans/peas. It's your wedding, whatever is meaningful to you is what you should do.

  • I agree, whatever you want to do! I think the beans is hilarious and would be a great story to tell. I am all about that. I don't understand how "sand" is the sign of bringing two people together either but some people love it and that's all that matters. I think my fiance and I with plant a tree together. We are all about nature and love the idea that something is growing because of us. Just an idea!! :)
  • IThank you for the explanation. It is actually a great idea! :)<div>
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Unity candle alternative ideas (Fathers) : Well, the point to the sand is that once the two colors are mixed together it is virtually impossible to divide them back up into their solitary colors again.  Flame works the same way with the candle, because you are taking the flame from both separate candles to light the center one, but the two sources combine to become one fire and cannot be divided back up. Some people go with alternatives that fit them better, like combining earth from each of their childhood homes, then using it to plant a tree in their new home, or mixing wine/liquor/etc if they are big drinkers or bartenders or what have you.  But the "once combined unable to be separated again" is usually a prevailing theme.
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  • I actually looked at other ideas and the unity tree was one that I really liked as well. Thank you all for the posts and the clarification of the sand. -> it makes more sense now than it did before.
  • I like the  bean idea cute

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