Casco Bay Islands

So, Ladies who know the Casco bay Islands well- what Island has some Beautiful Photo Locations?? FI and I are heading out there the day after the wedding in my Wedding Gown and his tux so my sister can take some Photographs of us- we got engaged on one of the the Casco Bay Ferries, so some pictures on that will be really fun too!

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    Do you want pictures on the boat?  If so, just take the mailboat run down the bay.  You can get some beautiful shots of the islands.

    The backshore of Peaks is beautiful, rocky and your backdrop is the open ocean.
    Long Island has a beautiful beach, but it is a 30 minutes walk to get there.

    If you give me an idea of the pictures you want, I could give you more information.
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  • I'm actually getting married on Cliff Island. It is BEAUTIFUL there, lots of nice green, beachy scenic spots. Theres also a dock that is covered in lobster traps that is an awesome photo spot. Let me know how it goes if you end up there, I am SO excited for the wedding there. 
  • oooh thanks for the Ideas-   were looking to do some on the Ferry- but alos just looking for some pretty beaches but also some wooded trails to walk down....
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