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May 2013 Weddings


My garter came in!  I know it's kind of early to order one, but I've kept my weight constant for a while and have to keep it constant for the dress to fit so why not?  I'm so excited it's handmade (thank you etsy) with purple and ivory fabric flowers sewn onto ivory lace.  

That's probably the only wedding-related thing I've gotten done lately, so I'm pretty excited.  What have y'all gotten done recently?
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Re: Checks!

  • My STD's were shipped from Vistaprint and should arrive next week! We also had another caterer tasting and will be booking that soon.
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  • Awesome! I wanted to order my garter set off Etsy too but I can't stomach spending the money on it. I want to try to re-create it.
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  • In Response to Re: Checks!:
    [QUOTE]Awesome! I wanted to order my garter set off Etsy too but I can't stomach spending the money on it. I want to try to re-create it.
    Posted by SRRL18[/QUOTE]
    The garter is one of the few things from the wedding I'm keeping, so I figured it was worth it.  Honestly mine wasn't too expensive though.  Even including shipping.  Then again I'm not really crafty and can't sew to save my life, so making mine wasn't an option.
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  • Can you PM me who you went through on Etsy? I actually just ordered a set of custom made clutches on Etsy for my BM's and attendants and myself & they are going to be super awesome!
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  • Well, I caved and bought my bouquet from someone on the wedding classifieds list. I also bought some random glass vases that will be used as my centerpiece glasses for my RD tables. Im on the fence about ordering a custom clutch that I'm in love with and pretty much everything else. Sigh... so much to do....
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    My cake is a 2-tier ivory cake with silver dotted scallops, ribbon and pearl brooch.

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  • We just booked our florist! So glad we did it when we did because she only have one opening left for our wedding weekend!
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  • I honestly haven't done much for the wedding since I started school. For all of September I bought stamps and sent out STDs... nothing exciting. I need to crack done and get some of the big things finished though! I found a garter on Etsy that I fell in love with, hopefully will be buying that soon!!
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  • Are you still in undergrad as well, Carson?  

    I can definitely understand the whole not getting much done while in school.  The garter only happened because I ended up having some left over money and an hour to kill on etsy.  
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