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Help Please - parking and dry cleaners

Hi there!  I will have 24 people at my wedding.  We are getting married at Wormsloe Plantation and then having lunch at Mrs Wilkes with everyone.

We aren't doing a bus or anything since the group is so small and everyone will have a car.  But is there a parking garage near Mrs Wilkes??  I was planning to contact the parking garage and tell them to charge me for the 10 cars - but I can't seem to figure out a close one.  Please help.  Mrs Wilkes suggested meter parking - but that seems risky since they might all be full

Also - I was planning to have the fiance's suit and shirt presses the day before the wedding at Best Cleaners on Habersham.  However it's closed now.  Is there another place that does good work (don't want any buttons lost during the pressing) and offers same day service??

Thanks so much!

Re: Help Please - parking and dry cleaners

  • bean0408bean0408 member
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    There is also a David's on Montgomery CrossroadsLaughing right before Waters Ave.  The parking  garage closest to Mrs Wilkes would be the Liberty St Garage across from the Civic Center I would say. Its probably a 6 block walk, 3 over and 3 down I think, but they are short blocks not a bad walk.
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    Thanks - I think we will go with the Liberty Ramp, and I'll let the ramp know how many cars we will pay for.  can you tell me which David's is better?

    We are staying in downtown - but our parents are in midtown, so any Savannah location is great
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    There are several other Best Cleaners, too.  There is actually a David's on President St near East Broad.  That would be the closest to down town.

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    I love David Cleaners
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  • gtgirl23gtgirl23 member
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    I am for the one on Habersham.
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    DONT GO TO DAVIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY LOST MY HUSBAND'S SUIT THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING.  The woman working seemed really not interested when we dropped it off in the morning - I confirmed several times that it would be ready same day.  She kept saying yes.  Well we went back to pick it up - and it was lost.  She she really didnt care and said it was out of her control.  Such a nightmare
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