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Church banned "here comes the bride" - ideas?

So at our last meeting with the pastor about our upcoming wedding we were told the traditional wedding march or "here comes the bride" is not allowed to be played at the church. Apparently the original meaning was about a homosexual couple that ended up in a failed relationship... who knows,  I've never heard of this before but either way I now don't have a clue what to play walking down the isle! any ideas?

Re: Church banned "here comes the bride" - ideas?

  • Are you already using canon in d for mothers?  I have always thought it was pretty with the bride walking down the isle. Also you could listen to trumpet voluntary and see of you llike that. Princess Diana walked to that one.
  • Canon in d is wonderful! i hadn't thought of that :D Thank you so much!
  • I walked down to Canon in D. It's a softer song, so you have to be careful what you use for the bridesmaids - you don't want their song to overpower yours. We used Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for the bridesmaids. Our recessional was to Trumpet Voluntary.
  • I was told the here comes the bride song was about a prostitude, so I am not allowed to use it either.I am using Ave Mara sung by Celine Dion.It's beautiful!

  • While admittedly not an opera expert, my knowledge of Lohengrin is that it is about a couple, Princess Elsa and Lohengrin.  Lohengrin is her protector and has special abilities to protect her, but under the edict that she can never ask his name.

    There was something about it being used in some spoofs, and some parodies-one by Victor Herbert, and some manic hallucination.

    The usual reason given, however, for churches not allowing Lohengrin is that composer Richard Wagner was an avowed anti-semetic.  Other reasons include it being a work from a secular opera, and only sacred music is allowed for ceremonies performed in a church.

    But I'd be interested to see any indication of it being about homosexuality or that Princess Elsa was a prostitute..  That's new to me.

    Anyway, other suggestions:

    Suggestions for processional/recessional music


    Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring-Bach

    Air on the G String-Bach


    Prelude in C Major from the Well Tempered Clavier-Bach

    Water Music-Handel

    Trumpet Voluntary, aka Prince of Denmark’s March-Clarke

    Trumpet Tune-Purcell


    Several of the Brandenburg Concertos-Bach

    Joyful, Joyful-“Finale from Symphony #9-Beethoven

    Claire de Lune-Debussy

    Girl with the Flaxen Hair-Debussy

    Psalm XIX-Marcello

    Toccata in F Major-Buxtehude

    Spring from The Four Seasons-Vivaldi
    Autumn from The Four Seasons-Vivaldi
    Sheep May Safely Graze-Bach
    Fur Elise-Beethoven


    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    [QUOTE]Love your list Trix1223!  90% of those are on my short list as well. I do have a few others: Reverie - Debussy Valse Romantique - Debussy Le Cygne (The Swan) - Saint-Saens These all have piano solo parts, or you can expand it to fit your needs as well.  I know we're doing Le Cygne with piano and flute.
    Posted by cukimerrydoll[/QUOTE]

    We used The Swan during communion - so pretty!
  • Check out weddingwire for this one.  Not only do they have a pretty extensive song list, they link to youtube videos to the songs so you can hear them.

    I think I'm walking in to Vivaldi's Autumn

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    [QUOTE] So, ill have to stick with the more "music only" ideas. THANKS
    Posted by Britty2010[/QUOTE]

    Try to find instrumental versions of your favorite songs if you can. 

    I'm using Apocalyptica's 'Nothing Else Matters' during the ceremony.  The Metallica fans will get a kick out of it.  The old folks won't recognize that innocuous bit of string music.
  • I'm using The River Flows in You by yiruma. You can look it up on youtube. It is really beautiful
  • lol the twilight song!! yay
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