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Rehearsal Dinner

I need some help. My fiance and I are on a very tight budget and we are wanting to do something nice for a rehearsal dinner. We were going to do like Lasagna, Garlic Toast, Salads, & Desserts... Does that seem okay?  Or spaghetti? I'm new at all of this and I really don't know what to do. I feel like time is running out to get a plan together.

What are yall having?
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner

  • I've been to rehearsal dinners on both ends, and each were just as nice. Pizza while setting up the tent for reception, BBQ at parents to a sit down at a nice restaurant. Honestly, it's just about spending time together and getting a chance to express your gratitude. Plus, lasagna is delicious! Do what feels right for you, this is YOUR wedding :
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  • We're doing chopped salad, pizza and dessert.  It's casual, and its what we can afford!  Do whatever works for you.
  • Where are yall getting your pizza from?

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  • Thanks :)

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  • who doesn't love pizza?  Go to your local pizza place, grab a few jumbos and garlic bread, some pop and beer.  Informal and fun.  You don't need fancy, or caterers, or restaurants.  It is what you make it. 

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  • Thanks!! And congrats to you!! Only 4 more days until you're married!!

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  • That menu sounds delicious.  Our RD is at our home and my mom and stepdad  are cooking.  It's all going to be delicious and I cannot wait. 
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