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Vendors needed: Caterer, table/chair, DJ and Photographer

I am recently engaged and have just started the planning of my wedding.  My budget is small and am getting married outside with the reception to follow on the same property.  I need a caterer (NOT the Greenery...) and a rental company to provide chairs, tables and linens.  Any advice or experiences with any particular vendors?  I also need a photographer...

Re: Vendors needed: Caterer, table/chair, DJ and Photographer

  • I cannot help you with a caterer and rentals, but I can suggest a great baker for you cake.....The Dancing Apron Bakery makes a ton of great and beautiful things at a great price.   http://dancingapronbakery.com/

    Photographer.... I would suggest taking a peek at Courtney Anton Photography.  I like her work and she is running some great specials right now.  www.courtneyanton.com

    Congratulations on the engagement and good luck planning!!!
  • Caterer-KS Catering and he works with ABC rental so he can take care of it all without your headache.  Great food, great price

    Photographer- Whats your budget?  I looked into Brenda Murphy and for her quality, she is very inexpensive (I would say best value).  Other favorites around here are Chad Lippiatt, Brodie Ledford, Stephanie Miller.  Some others I looked into that fell in the 1500 ish price range (lower or higher, depending upon what you are looking for) are Jason Knauer, Be Photography, Candy Bell, Mark Anthony, Richard Prenger, Heather Ryan, Arpasi Photography.  I know people who used Jason Knauer, Be, Arpasi, and Candy Bell and they all rave.  BUT if your budget is even lower, I seriously recommend Brenda Murphy (In case you can't tell, I got feedback from almost 70 photogs I thought were decent, so this is just my opinion based on the research).

    I personally went with Meet the Burks out of NC, and others I considered in the low to mid 2k range (As in it was between these 4 in the end) were Dani Leigh, Trang Dam, and Natalie Franke.  Now my budget was originally 1k, and as you can tell I blew that out of the water.  I decided the one thing I would splurge on was the one thing I would keep forever, aside from memories.  But in my opinion, the photos were far superior unfortunately, so once I saw the quality of the high price photos, I couldn't go back. SO to avoid doing what I did, ignore anythign above your price range (almost like dress shopping!) so you don't get caught up and spned the extra dough.

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  • Photographer: Persnickety Photography-great photos and packages for under $1000-

    Catering and Linens: Sweet Sensations- they're a new company so get people in the door, the prices are incredibly low. Check them out: http://www.sweetsensationsllc.com/

    Good luck with everything!
  • Try a catering co. that will provide rentals too - catering by uptown did our wedding and they included any choice of linen within the price of food as well as a wedding cake. Do u have a venue? Most venues already have tables and chairs.
  • I would highly recommend our photographer Soheil Soheily. He knows all the local vendors. http://www.soheilphotography.com

  • In this economy I am sure you can find plenty of affordable vendors. See if they will work with you. Many will, but some won't.

  • try bbq type places, they are usually cheaper in costs.
    there is beefalo bobs, they will even do table/chair rentals.
    sweet sensations had some good pricing, and they are starting to do table/chair rentals too.
    you could try famous daves catering.
    we checked out black tie catering and told them simple, and price was around $25pp with service, set up, clean up, delivery.
    we ran across a few places that were not helpful, but for the most part a lot of them will work with your budget. if you tell the catering company you want something simple or give them a specific type of food most places will give you quotes for those items. We tell everyone BBQ Chicken and Mac n Cheese, lol they will get the point and keep the pricing low. if you tell them your budget up front too they will generally try to keep it in that range.
    another table/chair place is loanebros and abc rentals.
    I am still looking for a photographer myself. to find lower cost ones I have looked on craigslist, most link to their website or portfolio or facebook, and also looked up cake vendors and looked at their likes/fans and found more local photographers as well.
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  • Hello, check out Sweet Sensations LLC. Other than a venue, we can help you with almost everything else. Catering, cakes, decor, linens,other rentals, coordination, lighting, centerpieces, chiavari chairs, you name it, we have it. The best part, is that we are more affordable than other companies!!! Though on our site, we set amazing flat rate prices, we will also do our best to accommodate any budget!!! Call us!!!!

  • How about a cake vendor?  I would love to set up a free cake tasting and design consultation at your convenience.  You can contact me at [email protected] and feel free to check out my website at www.glitteringimagescakedesigns.com
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