How long have you lived in Oregon?

were you born here? moved from somewhere else?  came back after college? what do you like/dislike about living in Oregon?

i work in Portland but live across the river in Vancouver, WA.  so i claim both boards.  i love the PNW b/c the weather is great and you can see the beaches or the mountains in under two hours.

Re: How long have you lived in Oregon?

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    I've lived in Oregon almost all of my life. I really don't think that there's anywhere else that I would rather live. Well... except maybe for a tropical paradise. 
    I love that there are four distinct seasons, and that our weather is mostly on the pleasant side. I love that Oregon is so diverse, and that there are so many things to do or see, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Smile
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    I've lived in Oregon my entire life and wouldn't have it any other way. I grew up in Eugene, and went to the western culinary instiutue in Portland when I was 18. I moved back down to Eugene when I finished, and ended up meeting my FI at work!

    I love how green everything gets here. I went to Nevada a while ago and it was just so....brown. I kept thinking where are all the trees! It would drive me crazy.
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    I have lived in Oregon my whole life.  But I have lived all around oregon, I lived in Eugene for College, Go Ducks!  I lived in Salem when I was little, and I lived in Central Oregon from 8yrs to 18yrs and after college I moved back to Central Oregon.  I love it here, it is beautiful.  The weather is great and this is where I met my Fiancee.  We are also getting married out here, in a place that over looks the des river.
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    I've lived in Oregon my whole life, even went to school in Southern Oregon. Same for my Fiance (high school friend).  I've done a lot of travelling and always long to come back to the pacific nw.  I agree with sarahmarie, its so green and full of trees here. wouldnt trade that for anything :-)
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    I have lived in Oregon for almost 7 years.  I moved here after separating from my now ex-husband.  I have lived in Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, and various states.  I love it here but the rain gets to me sometimes.  What I love?  The lush green (which I couldn't have without all of that rain!), the ocean and the overall beauty. If I had unlimited wealth, I would live in the aforementioned tropical paradise in the winter and come here for the summers.
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    Moved here 2 yrs ago from Texas which is so brown and flat. I love the mountains, coast, lushness. There is so much to do. I met my FI who is from here and we plan on raising our family here as well.
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    I lived in oregon for almost all my life till about 2 years ago when I moved to Texas to be with the one and only and can't wait to get back. I love the weather, how green it is even driving there is more fun then here hahaha, number one though the people. def.
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    My family is oregon native. My mom grew up in Bend along with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. My mom moved to California when she got pregnant with my brother and that is where i was raised ( Northern California) I spent every summer vacation out here, and last year decided to move up here full time ( portland)

    I love it! I love the weather, the people ( although I don't know many yet) and all the cool shops, restaurants and pubs. We're still exploring and learning but it's awesome to be out of our element!
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    Whole life. I was born and raised in Astoria and am now at OSU in Corvallis.

    Like? It's like living in California without having to live with Californians. Cost of living is low and most towns are small. Whether you want big city or small rural, coast or mountains, hot weather or wet, you can find it in Oregon.

    Least? Well I always lived in wetter areas so I don't care for the rain. That and there isn't a ton of opportunity for jobs etc as some places. It's a trade off.

    If all goes well I'm moving to Kentucky in January to live there for a year (am still having wedding in OR) live who knows where else for a few more years, then move back to OR.
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    I love Oregon. Every time I think about moving I realize how much I would miss it. I've lived here my whole 23 years. :) The weather is great and we get amazing seasons. The rain isn't really that bad (ok well this year it was). I love how green and gorgeous everything is and we have all types of locations to visit within driving distance. The beach, Sunriver, all sorts of mountains. It really is perfect and idyllic here in the NW. 
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