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Wedding pictures are posted!!! (with blog link and a PIP)

On Jenny's blog!!

Here's the post: http://jennygg.com/weddings/woodinville-wedding-novelty-hill-januik-winery-emily-nick

and the story of our wedding:


I fell Thursday night before the wedding on the steps right outside our house, and twisted my foot. Was able to get in to see my orthopedist Friday morning as I was unable to put any weight on my foot, and he diagnosed a severe sprain, as well as a potential fracture (though from the xrays, the fracture didn't seem consistent with the fall, so he said it may have actually been a stress fracture and a separate incident). I was given a knee-high boot cast and crutches, with orders that except for the wedding itself, I was to be no weight bearing. He gave me crazy pain killers to get through the wedding, and said if I could bear the pain, I was allowed to take the boot off for the walk down the aisle.

My dad went to Nordie's the morning of the wedding to buy me pink glitter Toms. Wedding day I tried to put on my wedding shoes (gorgeous pink Manolos), but was crying out in pain and could barely get them on. JennyGG was able to take a picture of the shoes peeking out from under the dress, then I went right back in my boot. I rocked one glitter Tom and the boot the whole night.

Somehow (I really don't know how), I was able to not only walk down the aisle, and do our dances (both first dance and father/daughter dance). I even managed to dance the whole night (mostly just hopping on my non-broken foot, my calf was killing me the next day, lol). 

The wedding itself was awesome, but a total blur. We had 55 total guests including us, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. We also drank a case of champagne on the limo bus ride home, haha!  

Our honeymoon was 12 days in Cabo, and ridiculously awesome. I was still on Vicodin so monitoring the margaritas, lol. All of the hotel workers/bartenders/waiters were super sweet, and made sure I always had a place to keep my foot up when we were eating, laying by the pool/beach, etc. Luckily the boot cast comes off, so I was still able to go in the pool, and we did 2 of our days at the beach/ocean (though DH had to basically carry me into the ocean itself). Crutching on sand is hard! 

dinner on the beach!

vendor reviews coming!


Re: Wedding pictures are posted!!! (with blog link and a PIP)

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    Beautiful pictures! So sad that you hurt your foot but im glad you figured it out and everythng worked out for you! ;-)
  • mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    Amazing photos!  I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day, boot and all :)
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    Those pictures are beautiful. I would have been devistated if I had ended up in the boot, but it sounds like you handled it like a champ, and it all worked out wonderfully. Congrats!  

    oh, and I just adore those bridesmaids dresses.

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    Beautiful photos! Again, Jenny at her best :)
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    Your photos are gorg!  I'm so happy you had a wonderful wedding, even with the whole foot in a cast thing (sounds SO much like something I would do.)
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