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makeup for engagement pictures

Did you get your makeup professionally done for your engagement pics? If so, who did you use?

Thanks in advance. :)

Re: makeup for engagement pictures

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    I had my haircut that day so that my stylist would professionally do my hair.  But, I did my makeup myself.  I just practiced beforehand.
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    Our e-pics are next month, I'm getting my haircut and dye the day of the pics and I'm still up in the air about make-up. I'm leaning towards it though, I do hear a lot of girls to get their make-up done though

    I know I'm not much help sorry :(
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    I had mine done and I'm so glad that I did! I used Carina at Flawless Faces (OC) but right now I would use the artist that did my boudoir shoot makeup, Gigi Jara. She's less $ and I did like her work better. [email protected]
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     I'm going to have my makeup trial on the same day as the engagement photos, so I get some use out of the trial!
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    Hi there! I got hair & makeup ($100 total!) by Susie Chhuor. She's on Project Wedding and you can google her. She is definitely affordable, SO friendly (I felt like I was hanging out with a good friend) and she did an AMAZING job. Seriously. I have a T-zone that gets super oily and gross and her makeup lasted ALL day and I didn't even have to use the blotting papers she gave me! Plus, I felt comfortable with the makeup...didn't feel like I was wearing a mask or anything...and my skin looked FLAWLESS. I wish I had my e-pics back so I could show you guys!!! I highly recommend her. Good luck!
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